The Creation, and Aims, of ‘flash & cinder’

Hi there, and welcome to my blog. I aim to create this blog to run alongside the creation of my magazine flash & cinder, so both you and I can keep up-to-date with what’s happening.

So why flash & cinder? A bit of an odd name, no? flash & cinder came to me as a great way of describing the fragments of smaller writings that leave a huge impact. ‘Flash’, of course, is a reference flash fiction itself, while ‘cinder’ is a small, discarded piece of unburnt coal that still has the potential to combust at any moment. I think the same can be said of both flash and poetry, much of which has the same origin story but same volatile power. The title, once in my head, got stuck.

I aim for this magazine to be a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the world of flash fiction and poetry, especially for people who aren’t yet involved in either. I hadn’t truly discovered the potential for either until last year, but it’s safe to say now that I’m rather addicted.

So come along, and thank you for reading; I hope we leave bursts of writing genius on these pages.