Hello there! It’s been a while!

As some of you will know, flash & cinder is due its second publication in January 2019. That’s only next month!

However, I don’t want flash & cinder to be slapdash or half-hearted, and so while I complete my academic study, it upsets me that it has to take a backseat. This does mean exciting things, however, as there are plans to open up the magazine once I can dedicate more time to it.

I’ve therefore made the decision to postpone the issue until July 31st, so that I can formally make the issue everything I want the publication to be and more and include every interview and every piece of content I think it should hold. There will also be vast improvement to the way stories are displayed online too, in a way that I hope many of you will really enjoy.

Thank you for bearing with – I know we’re only a teeny tiny magazine of many, but I felt it was right to keep you all in the loop.